Beech Honey Dew

  • Beech Honey Dew
  • Beech Honey Dew

Incredibly limited supply of Beech Honey Dew!

Beech Honey Dew from our hives situated in a pristine Beech Forest in the Canterbury foot hills.

About Our Honey:
Our honey is raw and unpasteurized straight from the hive. It is then extracted, sieved and put in a jar.
Our honey is not heat treated or fine filtered so has all the goodness left in it. This Beech Honey Dew is very smooth with a strong rich Earthy flavor,
Nectar source is Beech Honey Dew.

Caring for your Honey:
Honey dew comes in liquid form which may crystallise over time. It is suggested that you leave it in a warm spot to avoid this, if you find it has crystallised gently warm it back up.