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Coalgate Honey Co.

Pottery Giftpack

Pottery Giftpack

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You get a gorgeous piece of handmade pottery filled with a selection of products!!

The pottery is dishwasher safe and is great for snacks and platters, as a vase, dip bowls, teaspoon holder etc.


Green Dot  - Green & white pottery bowl, medium Beeswax wrap, beeswax candle, beeswax balm and lip balm

Blue Dot - Blue speckle pottery, medium beeswax wrap and 2 x hand-rolled beeswax candles

Yellow Dot - Blue & green pottery bowl, medium beeswax wrap and 250g honey ( Either High Country creamed or raw liquid honey)

Red Dot - Black shimmer pottery, medium beeswax wrap, 2x hand-rolled beeswax candles and a lip balm

Purple Dot-  2 x small greeny/blue bowls and a beeswax balm

Black Dot - Green & white drip style pottery, 2x hand-rolled candles and a lip balm

Brown Dot - Ocean blue pottery bowl,  medium beeswax wrap and a honey bear filled with raw honey

White Dot  - Ocean blue pottery bowl, a large beeswax wrap, 250g honey (raw or creamed), beeswax balm, lip balm and a beeswax candle

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