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Beech Honey Dew

Beech Honey Dew

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Introducing our exquisite Beech Honey Dew, sourced directly from our hives nestled within the untouched beauty of the Canterbury foothills' pristine Beech Forests.

Act quickly to secure your supply of this limited edition Beech honey while stocks last!

About Our Honey: At our apiary, we handle our honey with utmost care, ensuring it remains in its raw and unpasteurized state straight from the hive. After extraction, we sieve it to remove any impurities before delicately placing it in a jar.

Unlike heat-treated or fine-filtered honey, our Beech Honey Dew retains all its natural goodness. With its smooth texture and robust, earthy flavor, it offers a truly indulgent experience. The nectar source for this extraordinary honey is Beech Honey Dew itself.

Caring for Your Honey: Our Beech Honey Dew is initially in a liquid form, which may naturally crystallize over time. To prevent crystallization, we recommend storing it in a warm spot. If you find that your honey has crystallized, gently warming it will restore its smooth consistency.

Experience the essence of untouched nature with our Beech Honey Dew—the perfect choice for honey connoisseurs seeking a unique and unrivaled flavor.


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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Frampton
Beech Honey Dew

We absolutely love your beech honey and see you have won a much deserved award - well done! So good for using when stewing fruit and cooking instead of sugar amongst other uses of course. Thank you!

Tastes like how our local Forest smells!

Love giving this as gifts to family who have moved away from Selwyn. Sweet and classic, the kids love it on pancakes and I love it in my tea!