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Comb Honey

Comb Honey

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Delicious Raw Comb Honey from our hives situated throughout Canterbury.

About Our Honey:
Comb Honey is as natural as honey can get coming straight from the hives the way the bees made it. Comb Honey has a beautiful taste and is excellent on a cheese board, toast, or even just on its own.
nectar source is Clover/Pasture.

Caring for your Honey Comb:
Honey Comb comes in round holders straight from the hives. To keep it soft keep it in a warm spot and for a more firm texture keep it somewhere cold over time it may naturally crystallize. its recommended keeping this honey in a warm spot to avoid crystallization, if not using this honey for a while place it in the freezer and it will keep it in liquid form.

*Sizes vary minimum 250g*

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