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Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey

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Introducing Our Raw Creamed Honey from the Picturesque Canterbury Plains!

Experience the pure essence of nature with our raw creamed honey, lovingly harvested from our own hives nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Canterbury Plains. Here's what makes our honey truly special:

Unparalleled Quality: Our honey is meticulously collected directly from the hive, completely raw and unpasteurized. It undergoes a gentle extraction process, ensuring that all the natural goodness and health benefits are retained.

Crafted with Care: Every jar of our honey goes through a meticulous process of sieving and creaming, resulting in a luxuriously smooth texture that's a delight to savor. This creaming technique enhances the honey's consistency and brings out its strong, rich flavor, delivering a taste experience like no other.

Nature's Bounty Preserved: Unlike commercially processed honey, our raw creamed honey is never heat-treated or fine filtered. This means it retains all the beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, and nutrients that nature intended. By indulging in our honey, you're treating yourself to the purest, most wholesome sweetness possible.

Nectar from the Clover/Pasture: The sweet nectar that our bees gather comes primarily from the abundant clover and vibrant pasture surrounding our hives. This unique combination of floral sources lends our honey a distinctive and delicious taste that truly captures the essence of our enchanting location.

Caring for Your Honey: To ensure the best experience with our creamed honey, we offer a few handy tips:

  1. Optimal Storage: Keep your jar of creamed honey in a warm spot, allowing it to maintain a soft and spreadable consistency. However, it's important to avoid exposing it to excessive heat, as this may cause the honey to melt and revert to its liquid form.

  2. Natural Variations: As our honey is completely raw and unprocessed, you might notice slight variations in texture and color from batch to batch. These natural variations are a testament to the authenticity of our product and do not compromise its exceptional quality.

  3. Endless Culinary Delights: From spreading it on toast or drizzling it over desserts to incorporating it into recipes and beverages, the possibilities with our raw creamed honey are endless. Let your culinary imagination run wild and savor the sweet harmony it adds to your creations.

Embrace the true taste of nature with our exquisite raw creamed honey. Indulge in its velvety smoothness, revel in its robust flavors, and let it be a source of pure delight for your senses. Taste the difference that comes from honey cared for with passion and dedication.

*Our Darfield batch of honey that we use for this creamed honey won a bronze medal in the Apiculture Honey Awards 2023 in the naturally granulated - light secton 

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Andrew

Best honey always yummy and great fast delivery

Susan Foubister

Excellent Customer Service and speedy. Delivery Yummy Honey

Julie Sharp
Creamed Honey

Great Product , excellent service and delivery

Karla McDermid
Fantastic !

Loved by our whole family. Tried once and will never buy anything else now. So much flavour and delivered right to our door . Thank you for your amazing service . Also love the lip balm 10/10