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High Country Creamed Honey

High Country Creamed Honey

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This is our award-winning, Raw High Country Creamed Honey from our hives situated in Canterbury
About Our Honey:
Our honey is raw and unpasteurized straight from the hive. It is then extracted, sieved, creamed, and put in a jar.
Our honey is not heat treated or fine filtered so has all the goodness left in it. This Raw High Country Creamed Honey is very smooth with a strong rich flavor,
Nectar source is Clover, Vipers Bugloss, and Hieracium.


2022 Bronze Medal in the Apiculture New Zealand Honey competition - Light Creamed Honey 

2021 Silver Medal in the Apiculture New Zealand honey competition - Light Creamed Honey

Caring for your Honey:

We recommended to keeping this Creamed Honey in a warm spot as it will be fairly firm in cooler conditions, don't allow it to get too hot though as it will melt and turn back to liquid.

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