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Coalgate Honey Co.

Pet Balm

Pet Balm

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Introducing our 50g Pet Balm, specially crafted for our furry friends with sensitive noses. This unique formula combines the goodness of beeswax and a carefully selected blend of oils, designed to provide relief for common pet discomforts such as dry paws, noses, scrapes, and bumps.

We understand that some pets have a heightened sensitivity to strong scents, which is why our Pet Balm contains a reduced amount of essential oils. This ensures a gentle and soothing experience while still delivering the nourishing benefits of natural ingredients.

Whether it's Monty's dry paws or a little scrape he encountered during playtime, our Pet Balm is here to lend a helping paw. The beeswax and oils work together harmoniously, creating a protective barrier that promotes healing and restores moisture to your pet's delicate skin.

With Monty's enthusiastic approval, you can trust that our Pet Balm is not only effective but also pet-approved! So give your four-legged companion the care they deserve and let our Pet Balm bring comfort to their paws, noses, and more.

Please note: While our Pet Balm is designed to be safe for pets, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before introducing any new product into your pet's routine

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