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Raw Liquid Honey

Raw Liquid Honey

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Introducing our award-winning Raw Liquid Honey, carefully sourced from our hives located throughout the beautiful Canterbury region.

About Our Honey: Indulge in the pure essence of honey straight from the hive. Our honey is meticulously extracted, sieved, and delicately packaged without undergoing any excessive heat treatment or fine filtration. This ensures that all the natural goodness and flavors are retained, providing you with a truly remarkable experience. With its smooth texture and robust taste, our Raw Honey is a treat for the senses. It originates from the nectar of Clover and Pasture flowers, guaranteeing a distinct and delightful flavor profile.

Awards: We take pride in our honey's exceptional quality, which has been recognized with a Gold Medal in the Apiculture New Zealand Honey Competition in 2023 and a Silver Medal in the Apiculture New Zealand Honey competition in 2022. Our honey stood out in the Medium Clear/Liquid Honey category, highlighting its superior taste and craftsmanship.

Caring for your Honey: Raw Honey is typically in a liquid state; however, it may crystallize naturally over time. To prevent crystallization, we recommend storing this honey in a warm spot. If crystallization does occur, gently warm it up to restore its liquid consistency. If you plan on not using the honey for an extended period, placing it in the freezer will help retain its liquid form and preserve its freshness.

*For inquiries regarding our 24kg buckets, please contact us directly before making a purchase. We'll be glad to assist you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gold class honey

Looove the honey! But disappointed I had to wait over a month to receive. I didn't see that there was apparently a note stating when delivery would be which meant we waited ages before delivery was made. Will make a better point to check next time but would love it if communication could be made to make sure customers don't miss the banner like I did.
Thanks for producing such a great product!

Laura Spargo

Great product, great service. Thankyou!


Most delicious honey I have ever have tried on Crumpets and Toast,DEVINE.



New fan!
Coalgate raw honey.

Best honey I have ever tasted. I've not been a honey fan till now. Unbelievable taste and runniess. Easy free delivery. Am now a huge fan of this company and its affordable too! High quaility goodness!